Double Agents in the Cold War

14 January 2021
16:00 - 17:30

On January 14, Dr. Eleni Braat and Dr. Ben de Jong will be telling us about their exciting work on double agents during the Cold War. Their research project is based on a series of oral history interviews with a former double agent, who operated for the Dutch Security Service and the CIA against the East German Stasi from the 1960s through the early 1990s. During this entire period his primary loyalty was with the Dutch Security Service and the CIA. The focus is on the relationship between the double agent and these three services and on the significance of recognition and gratitude in the relationship between agents and handlers. This riveting project relates to Cold War History, History of Emotions, and Intelligence History.

Dr. Eleni Braat is Associate Professor in International History at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the history of intelligence and state secrecy, the political tensions they led to in the 20th century, from an internationally comparative perspective. Dr. Ben de Jong is a guest researcher in the field of intelligence services at the institute of Security and Global Affairs of Leiden University. He was previously an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam.

Find the link to the Starleaf meeting here.

Keywords: Double Agents, Espionage, Oral History


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