CWRN Members

Roham Alvandi
London School of Economics
Iran; Human Rights; Global Cold War
Albertine Bloemendal
Radboud University Nijmegen
Cold War Transatlantic Relations; Unofficial Diplomatic Actors; Public Diplomacy
Marloes Beers
Utrecht University
Oil Crisis; EU Energy Policy; European Identity
Cristina Blanco Sío-López
University of Pittsburgh / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
European integration history; EU enlargement; mobility and Human Rights
Lennart Bolliger
Utrecht University
Southern Africa; Decolonization; Gender & Militarism
Sandra Bott
University of Lausanne
Neutrality; Global Cold War; Economic relations
Bastiaan Bouwman
Freie Universität Berlin
Human Rights; Refugees; Nongovernmental Organizations
Eleni Braat
Utrecht University
Secret Intelligence; Organizations; Cold War
Matthew Broad
Leiden University
European Integration; Diplomacy; Trade
Luc-Andre Brunet
Open University
Cold War; transatlantic relations; peace activism; European integration
Patcharaviral Charoenpacharaporn
University College London
Non-Alignment; Cultural Cold War; Cold War in the Global South
Riccardo Mario Cucciolla
University of Naples
Soviet Union; Uzbekistan; Central Asia,;Third World
Mario Daniels
Duitsland Instituut
History of Science and Technology; Export Control and Arms Control Policy; Economics and National Security; East-West Trade
Anne Deighton
University of Oxford
Cold War and End of Empire; British Foreign Policy; European Security
Lorena De Vita
Utrecht University
Cold War; Reconciliation; International Organizations
Mario Del Pero
Sciences Po Paris
The US in the World; Cold War History; History of US Foreign Relations
Elena Dragomir
Valahia University of Targoviste
Romania, Cold War, Economic Relations
Susanna Erlandsson
Uppsala University
Diplomatic Practice; Gender & IR; Small States
Dario Fazzi
Roosevelt Institute for American Studies
Cold War; Environmental History; Transnational History
Sean Fear
University of Leeds
Vietnam; Southeast Asia; Global Cold War; US Foreign Relations
Giulia Garbagni
University of Cambridge
Cold War in Asia; Japanese foreign policy; Informal diplomacy
Frank Gerits
Utrecht University
Diplomacy of the Rest; Africa; Decolonization
Simon Godard
Sciences Po Grenoble
Communist International Organizations; Transnational Communities; Economic Knowledge
Grant Golub
London School of Economics and Political Science
American Foreign Policy; Nuclear History; East-West Relations
Beatrice de Graaf
Utrecht University
German Democratic Republic; Intelligence; Peace Movement; Terrorism
Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam
Leiden University
The Cultural Cold War; The Middle East; Iran
Kai Hebel
Leiden University
Détente; Diplomacy; Cold War Culture
Jan Hoffenaar
Ministerie van Defensie
Cold War and After; Military History
Alessandro Iandolo
University of Oxford
Soviet Union; Cold War; Development
Tvrtko Jakovina
University of Zagreb
World Diplomatic History, Movement of the Non-aligned countries, Tito's
Ben de Jong
Universiteit Leiden
Intelligence Operations, in particular those of the KGB
Artemy Kalinovsky
University of Amsterdam
Cold War; Soviet Union; development
Eirini Karamouzi
The University of Sheffield
Modern Greece; European integration; Peace movements
Sielke Kelner
Leiden University
Cold War; Transnational History; Eastern Europe
Stephan Kieninger
Independent Scholar
Cold War History; European Security; History of US Foreign Relations
Yvonne Kleistra
Leiden University
Dutch Foreign Policy; Diplomacy; Public Opinion
Jan Koura
Charles University Prague
Cold War; Eastern Bloc; Global South
Samuël Kruizinga
University of Amsterdam
First World War; Spanish Civil War; Transnational Violence; Political Radicalism
Vincent Kuitenbrouwer
University of Amsterdam
Public Diplomacy; Dutch Transnational Media Networks; International Radio Broadcasting
Jos van der Linden
University College Utrecht
Cold War; Nazi Germany; Rise and Fall of Great Powers
Sara Lorenzini
University of Trento
Cold War; Development; East Germany; European Integration
Piers Ludlow
London School of Economics
European Integration; Transatlantic Relations; West-West Diplomacy
Rimko van der Maar
University of Amsterdam
Dutch Foreign Policy; Vietnam War; Third World Solidarity Movements
Gjovalin Macaj
Utrecht University
United Nations; Human Rights; Cold War Rivalry
Aryo Makko
Hans Blix Centre, Stockholm University
Neutrality and non-alignment; Diplomacy; Global Cold War; European Integration
Stefanie Massink
Utrecht University
Dutch Foreign Policy; Spanish History in an International Context; Dutch-Spanish Relations
Corina Mavrodin
Utrecht University
Eastern Europe; Third World; Denuclearization and Oil/Resources
Pieter Meulendijks
Author and historian
History of Vietnam, the wars in Vietnam between 1940 and 1990, theoretical aspects of history (especially the significance of contemporary influences for a correct picture of the past)
Swapna Kona Nayudu
Harvard University
Indian's International Relations; Non-Alignment; Peacekeeping
Leopoldo Nuti
Roma Tre University
Cold War; Transatlantic Relations; Nuclear History
Eline van Ommen
Utrecht University
Latin American History; The Nicaraguan Revolution; Transnational Activism
Sue Onslow
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Foreign Policy; Decolonisation (in Africa); Legacies of the Cold War
Spero Simeon Paravantes
University of Luxembourg
Cold War Origins; Cold War Institution Building in Europe; Cold War and European Integration
Paschalis Pechlivanis
Utrecht University
Cold War; US Foreign Relations; Balkans
Effie G. H. Pedaliu
London School of Economics
Transatlantic Relations, British and American Strategy and Diplomacy, Southern Europe, Human Rights, Mediterranean Security, Greek and Italian History and Politics
Marina Pérez de Arcos
University of Oxford and London School of Economics
European Integration, Transatlantic Relations, Spain, Cold War History, NATO
Sergey Radchenko
Cardiff University
Sino-Soviet relations; Cold War; nuclear history; Russian and Chinese foreign policy
Anne-Isabelle Richard
Leiden University
Decolonization; Eurafrica; European Cooperation; European History; Global History; Migration
Angela Romano
University of Glasgow
European Integration, Cooperation and Organizations; Détente; Transnational Economic Relations
Federico Romero
European University Institute
Transatlantic relations; Italy; International economy
William Michael Schmidli
Leiden University
U.S. Foreign Relations; Human Rights; Democracy Promotion
Brian Shaev
Leiden University
European Integration and Transnational Socialism; Social Democracy
Rasmus Sinding Sødergaard
Danish Institute for International Studies
US Foreign Policy; Human Rights; Diplomacy
Liliane Désirée Stadler
University of Oxford
Neutrality; Good Offices; Small States
Conor Tobin
University College Dublin
US Foreign Policy; Global Cold War; Afghanistan
Andrea Torrealba
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Intellectual networks; Global sixties; New Left
Kim van der Wijngaart
University College Utrecht
Transatlantic relations; Détente; Small state diplomacy
Ioannis Stefanidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Greek-American relations, the Greek Civil War, the Cyprus Question, Anti-Americanism, Public Diplomacy and Propaganda
Matthaios Amanatiadis
Uppsala University
Sweden; Transnational activism; Nongovernmental organizations
Vojtech Mastny
Professor Emeritus
Memories; Middle and Small Powers; Alliances; Realignment

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