CWRN Members

Roham Alvandi
London School of Economics
Iran; Human Rights; Global Cold War
Matthaios Amanatiadis
Uppsala University
Sweden; Transnational activism; Nongovernmental organizations
Marloes Beers
Utrecht University
Oil Crisis; EU Energy Policy; European Identity
Una Bergmane
University of Helsinki
End of the Cold war; the collapse of the USSR; Baltic states
Albertine Bloemendal
Radboud University Nijmegen
Cold War Transatlantic Relations; Unofficial Diplomatic Actors; Public Diplomacy
Jovana Bogojević
Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
Yugoslavia, East Asia, Cold War, Cultural Diplomacy
Lennart Bolliger
Utrecht University
Southern Africa; Decolonization; Gender & Militarism
Sandra Bott
University of Lausanne
Neutrality; Global Cold War; Economic relations
Bastiaan Bouwman
Utrecht University
Human Rights; Refugees; Nongovernmental Organizations
Eleni Braat
Utrecht University
Secret Intelligence; Organizations; Cold War
Matthew Broad
Leiden University
European Integration; Diplomacy; Trade
Luc-Andre Brunet
Open University
Cold War; transatlantic relations; peace activism; European integration
Fernando Camacho Padilla
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
South-South solidarity; Chile; Cuba; Iran; Sweden
Patcharaviral Charoenpacharaporn
University College London
Non-Alignment; Cultural Cold War; Cold War in the Global South
Riccardo Mario Cucciolla
University of Naples
Soviet Union; Uzbekistan; Central Asia; Third World
Mario Daniels
Duitsland Instituut
History of Science and Technology; Export Control and Arms Control Policy; Economics and National Security; East-West Trade
Marina Pérez de Arcos
University of Oxford and London School of Economics
European Integration; Transatlantic Relations; Spain; Cold War History; NATO
Beatrice de Graaf
Utrecht University
German Democratic Republic; Intelligence; Peace Movement; Terrorism
Ben de Jong
Universiteit Leiden
Intelligence Operations, in particular those of the KGB
Lorena De Vita
Utrecht University
Cold War; Reconciliation; International Organizations
Debby Esmeé de Vlugt
Utrecht University
Transnational Activism; Decolonization; Black Internationalism; Caribbean
Anne Deighton
University of Oxford
Cold War and End of Empire; British Foreign Policy; European Security
Mario Del Pero
Sciences Po Paris
The US in the World; Cold War History; History of US Foreign Relations
Elena Dragomir
Valahia University of Targoviste
Romania; Cold War; Economic Relations
Susanna Erlandsson
Uppsala University
Diplomatic Practice; Gender & IR; Small States
Dario Fazzi
Leiden University
Cold War; Environmental History; Transnational History
Sean Fear
University of Leeds
Vietnam; Southeast Asia; Global Cold War; US Foreign Relations
Giulia Garbagni
King's College London
Cold War in Asia; Japanese foreign policy; Informal diplomacy
Frank Gerits
Utrecht University
Diplomacy of the Rest; Africa; Decolonization
Simon Godard
Sciences Po Grenoble
Communist International Organizations; Transnational Communities; Economic Knowledge
Grant Golub
London School of Economics and Political Science
American Foreign Policy; Nuclear History; East-West Relations
Roberta Haar
Maastricht University
Transatlantic Relations; U.S. Foreign Policy; European Foreign Policy
Esmaeil Haddadian-Moghaddam
Independent Researcher
The Cultural Cold War; The Middle East; Iran
Evanthis Hatzivassiliou
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
NATO and transatlantic relations; the Balkans, Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean; Greek foreign policy
Kai Hebel
Leiden University
Détente; Diplomacy; Cold War Culture
Cees Heere
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Diplomatic history; Dutch foreign policy
Frederic Heurtebize
Université Paris Nanterre
Transatlantic relations; 1970s; Eurocommunism; Democratic transition
Jan Hoffenaar
Utrecht University
Cold War and After; Military History
Alessandro Iandolo
University College London
Soviet Union; Cold War; Development
Tvrtko Jakovina
University of Zagreb
World Diplomatic History; Movement of the Non-aligned countries; Tito's Yugoslavia
Artemy Kalinovsky
University of Amsterdam
Cold War; Soviet Union; Development
Eirini Karamouzi
The University of Sheffield
Modern Greece; European integration; Peace movements
Sielke Kelner
Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa
Cold War; Transnational History; Eastern Europe
Stephan Kieninger
Independent Scholar
Cold War History; European Security; History of US Foreign Relations
Yvonne Kleistra
Leiden University
Dutch Foreign Policy; Diplomacy; Public Opinion
Aleksandra Komornicka
Maastricht University
Détente; European Integration; Poland; Business
Sandrine Kott
Université de Genève
International Organizations; Labour; Socialisme; Social and economic regulations
Emmanouil Koumas
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Greece and the Middle East during the Cold War era; Greek foreign policy 20th century; International Relations 20th century
Jan Koura
Charles University Prague
Cold War; Eastern Bloc; Global South
Samuël Kruizinga
University of Amsterdam
First World War; Spanish Civil War; Transnational Violence; Political Radicalism
Vincent Kuitenbrouwer
University of Amsterdam
Public Diplomacy; Dutch Transnational Media Networks; International Radio Broadcasting
Sara Lorenzini
University of Trento
Cold War; Development; East Germany; European Integration
Piers Ludlow
London School of Economics
European Integration; Transatlantic Relations; West-West Diplomacy
Gjovalin Macaj
Leiden University
United Nations; Human Rights; Cold War Rivalry
Aryo Makko
Hans Blix Centre, Stockholm University
Neutrality and non-alignment; Diplomacy; Global Cold War; European Integration
Stefanie Massink
Utrecht University
Dutch Foreign Policy; Spanish History in an International Context; Dutch-Spanish Relations
Vojtech Mastny
Professor Emeritus
Memories; Middle and Small Powers; Alliances; Realignment
Corina Mavrodin
Utrecht University
Eastern Europe; Third World; Denuclearization and Oil/Resources
Pieter Meulendijks
Author and historian
History of Vietnam; the wars in Vietnam between 1940 and 1990; theoretical aspects of history (especially the significance of contemporary influences for a correct picture of the past)
Swapna Kona Nayudu
Harvard University
Indian's International Relations; Non-Alignment; Peacekeeping
Leopoldo Nuti
Roma Tre University
Cold War; Transatlantic Relations; Nuclear History
Alanna O'Malley
Leiden University
African History; Cold War History; Decolonisation; Foreign Policy; International Organisations
Sue Onslow
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Foreign Policy; Decolonisation (in Africa); Legacies of the Cold War
Leonardo Palma
Roma Tre University
Cold War in the Mediterranean and the Middle East; Italian History and Foreign Policy; Nuclear Weapons and Non-Proliferation; History of Warfare
Spero Simeon Paravantes
Utrecht University
Cold War Origins; Cold War Institution Building in Europe; Cold War and European Integration
Paschalis Pechlivanis
Utrecht University
Cold War; US Foreign Relations; Balkans
Effie G. H. Pedaliu
London School of Economics
Transatlantic Relations; British and American Strategy and Diplomacy; Southern Europe; Human Rights; Mediterranean Security; Greek and Italian History and Politics
Sergey Radchenko
Cardiff University
Sino-Soviet relations; Cold War; nuclear history; Russian and Chinese foreign policy
Anne-Isabelle Richard
Leiden University
Decolonization; Eurafrica; European Cooperation; European History; Global History; Migration
Angela Romano
University of Bologna
European Integration, Cooperation and Organizations; Détente; Transnational Economic Relations
Federico Romero
European University Institute
Transatlantic relations; Italy; International economy
Johny Santana de Araújo
Federal University of Piauí UFPI
Latin America in Cold War; Soviet-Cuban military interventions in Southern Africa; Vietnam War; Global Cold War
William Michael Schmidli
Leiden University
U.S. Foreign Relations; Human Rights; Democracy Promotion
Brian Shaev
Leiden University
European Integration and Transnational Socialism; Social Democracy
Cristina Blanco Sío-López
University of Pittsburgh / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
European integration history; EU enlargement; mobility and Human Rights
Rasmus Sinding Søndergaard
Danish Institute for International Studies
US Foreign Policy; Human Rights; Diplomacy
Liliane Désirée Stadler
Utrecht University
Neutrality; Good Offices; Small States
Ioannis Stefanidis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Greek-American relations; the Greek Civil War; the Cyprus Question; Anti-Americanism; Public Diplomacy and Propaganda
Argyrios Tasoulas
Research Institute of the University of Bucharest
Soviet-Greek relations; Soviet-Cypriot relations; Cold War; Intelligence
Luke Thrumble
University of Nottingham
British Foreign Policy; Anglo-American Relations; Anglo-Soviet Relations; Cold War in Asia
Maroš Timko
Charles University, Prague
Spain; Eastern Bloc; Everyday Resistance; Mobility
Conor Tobin
University College Dublin
US Foreign Policy; Global Cold War; Afghanistan
Andrea Torrealba
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Intellectual networks; Global sixties; New Left
Umberto Tulli
University of Trento
Human Rights; US Foreign Policy; Europe; European Integration
Jos van der Linden
University College Utrecht
Cold War; Nazi Germany; Rise and Fall of Great Powers
Rimko van der Maar
University of Amsterdam
Dutch Foreign Policy; Vietnam War; Third World Solidarity Movements
Kim van der Wijngaart
University College Utrecht
Transatlantic relations; Détente; Small state diplomacy
Eline van Ommen
University of Leeds
Latin American History; The Nicaraguan Revolution; Transnational Activism

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