Britain and the US in Greece

20 May 2021
16:00 - 17:30

Dr Simeon Paravantes will be presenting his book “Britain and the United States in Greece” in an interesting online lecture on May 20. The book reveals how the relationship between Britain and the US developed in this formative period, arguing that Britain used the fast-escalating tensions of the Cold War to direct US policy in Greece and encourage the Americans to take a more active role – effectively taking Britain’s place – in the region. In the process, Paravantes sheds new light on how the American experience in Greece contributed to the formulation of the Truman Doctrine and the containment of communism, the structure of Greek institutions, and ultimately, the birth of the Cold War.

Spero Simeon Z. Paravantes is Senior Researcher in Modern European History at the University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of European Studies, University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Keywords: Start of the Cold War, Greece


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