Invitation: A Tumultuous Asian Decade – 11 October 2021

11 October 2021
17:00 - 18:15
Press Centre ‘Nieuwspoort’, Lange Poten 10, The Hague

One of our coordinators, Giles Scott-Smith, would like to extend a warm invitation to all our members for an upcoming event!

On Monday 11 October, 17.00, at the ‘Nieuwspoort’, The Hague, the Netherlands Atlantic Association in cooperation with the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies will organize a program titled:

A Tumultuous Asian Decade? China’s Challenge to the Global Order and Japan’s Response

Below follows a short introduction to the program:
It is widely expected that Japan is going to play a vital role in the strategic relations in Asia in the coming decades. Counterbalancing China is one but not the only issue in the near future. Now that the US has withdrawn from Afghanistan and in the light of the recent AUKUS trilateral security partnership between Australia, US and UK, the question is where it leaves Japan? How does it affect Japan’s position with regard to the US strategy in the region?

Professor Tosh Minohara of the Kobe University will be the key speaker. He is currently a Fulbright Visiting Professor at the RIAS. He will discuss the current security situation in (North East) Asia from the perspective of Japan, and also touch upon US-Japan-NATO relations. The event will be moderated by Paul Brill.

While there will be no live streams for this event, recordings will be posted on YouTube and Facebook afterwards.
This also means that because of Dutch COVID-19 measures, a maximum amount of people are welcome to participate in this event.

If you are interested, please register via their website to reserve your spot.



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