New Publication: ‘ Dutch Hospitality’: The 1952 German-Jewish-Israeli Negotiations Amid Post-Holocaust and Post-Imperial Tensions’

CWRN member Lorena De Vita (Utrecht University) has recently published a journal article with the BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review (the journal of the Royal Netherlands Historical Society). Her article ‘Dutch Hospitality: The 1952 German-Jewish-Israeli Negotiations amid Post-Holocaust and Post-Imperial Tensions’ which examines the first official meeting between German, Jewish and Israeli representatives in the aftermath of the Holocaust,  in Wassenaar (NL), will be of interest to those working on the early Cold War period, experts on Germany and the Middle East as well as on the history of policing and transnational terrorism.

The  piece was also covered by Dutch (NOS) and German (Tagesspiegel) media.


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