New Publication: The West, Russia, and NATO in the 1990s: Missed Opportunities?


The Cold War Research Network’s co-coordinator Dr. Ruud Van Dijk has recently published a book review with the Atlantisch Perspectief (AP) magazine of the Netherlands Atlantic Association. In his article ‘The West, Russia, and NATO in the 1990s: Missed Opportunities?’  he provides a book review of two books, one by M. E Sarotte and the other by Vladislav M. Zubok, on the expansion of NATO during the 1990s and how it has impacted the relations between Russia and the West. Combined, these books are excellent places to start thinking about the broader history of relations between the West and Russia after 1989. They also underscore the importance of early decisions made by leaders and others on both sides.


You may find the article in this link.



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