Upcoming Event: Farewell to Dr. Laurien Crump and Symposium on European Security


The Cold War Research Network would like to draw your attention to an upcoming event, scheduled for the following month.

On June 2, 2023, from 15h to 17h in the Sweelinck Hall (Drift 21, 005) there will be a symposium on “European Security” where Dr. Crump and other colleagues will highlight her research and general academic contribution from different perspectives.

Following the concluding symposium, we as a university community would like to say goodbye and express our gratitude to Dr. Crump for all her commitment and hard work in various roles within the history of the international relations section, at UU University College, etc.

For further information regarding these events and for the final confirmation of attendance,
please follow this link:

After the event, all of us will see Dr. Crump off with a few drinks.


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